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Modern mail order brides (MOB) are foreign ladies for marriage that can be found on niche mail order bride platforms and international dating sites. Our goal is to provide you with all information you may need to meet a hot foreign girlfriend or find a bride online.

On, you can find:

  • Rankings of the best dating sites and MOB websites by country
  • Information on the costs of dating foreign girls by country
  • Safety tips
  • Dating tips
  • Mail order bride statistics
  • Facts about modern foreign brides and many more.

If you aren’t going to limit yourself to dating girls and finding a future wife only in your country and want to have the best international dating experience and knowledge, you’re definitely in the right place!

How to find a foreign bride?

If you want to find a sexy mail order bride (a girl who is ready to marry a foreigner in the near future) or just a foreign girlfriend (a girl who is likely to want to start a serious relationship with a foreign guy, too, but doesn’t expect you to propose her as soon as possible), you can do it online. Where exactly can a single guy meet those single foreign hotties? Let’s take a look at the two available options.

Where to meet foreign girls: MOB sites vs Dating sites

Here is the most important thing you should know about international dating. There are two types of global websites with single women from other countries:

  • MOB sites — platforms with foreign women for marriage.
  • Global dating websites — platforms with foreign girls who may have different goals like short-term relationships, long-term relationships, casual dating, serious relationships, marriage, etc (on such sites, most girls are still looking for more serious relationships, boyfriends, and prospective husbands.)

Simply put, all girls on a mail order bride website want to marry a foreigner in the near future. Moreover, all of them are ready to move to a husband’s country in the near future.

International dating sites are more about dating than marriage. Of course, they are girls who dream of meeting a husband, too, but brides are not the only ladies on these global dating platforms. Some female members may also look for boyfriends, distant relationships, communication, etc.

Which sites are better? There is no right answer to this question. You can meet foreign wife on a MOB site, as well as on an international dating site. Your success largely depends not on the type of the site itself but on the quality of services it provides. Nevertheless, if you are 100% sure that you are ready to settle down and marry someone in the near future, the mail order bride website is likely to be a better option. If you want to meet foreign hotties but aren’t sure that you want to marry one of them in a year, a dating site would be a better platform for you.

Online relationships with foreign brides: Actual pros & cons of international dating

Now you know more about the two main types of websites on the dating market. But is joining them a good idea for a foreigner? Bride or problems, what will you find there? Well, like anything else in this world, online dating has its pros and cons.

Benefits of online dating

  • You’re connected to girls who are as interested in relationships as you are
  • Possibility to find a woman from a particular country
  • Various search filters to find the best foreign women to marry
  • Tons of communication tools that make distant relationships feel real
  • Special features like romance tours and gift delivery
  • Support, online safety

Drawbacks of online dating

  • No physical contact
  • Some services on premium platforms may be pricey

All about buying a bride online: is it really possible?

Can you buy bride online on a mail order bride site? No, you can’t. It’s not possible on niche MOB sites and on regular international dating platforms. You can pay for a monthly membership, credits you spend on messaging, gifts, video chats, and other popular features, but you can’t buy a woman on this website.

Are American men marrying foreign women happy?

Some say that global platforms have the best foreign women for American men. Some say that such relationships don’t work. But what do statistics show?

As you can see, such marriages can work, and we do believe that it depends on how carefully you choose a wife, how many of each other’s criteria you both meet, and how flexible you both are. And of course, it depends on how much you love and respect each other.


Is dating a foreign woman and marrying her legal?

Yes, international dating is completely legal. A platform helps you find a foreign bride. Website doesn’t provide any illegal services. The only thing you should consider is that you need to see your bride in person at least a few times to marry her in your country (this is the rule in most western countries, including the US.)

How much will you pay to marry one of the beautiful foreign brides?

It depends on plenty of things. First, where do you want to find bride for marriage? The country matters. What site are you going to choose, a cheap or a pricey one? Are you going to buy a romance tour or will you arrange the trip yourself? All these things affect the price, but in general, all dating services and trips may cost you from $5,000 to $20,000.

How to find a bride or a foreign woman for marriage? What are the most popular dating sites?

There are a few top mail order bride platforms and great international dating sites with the best foreign wives, and we analyze them all on Check out our rankings and reviews to learn more about the best dating sites in all regions.

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