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Get To Know All About The Mail Order Brides Legislation

People are finding new ways of meeting their ideal partners, and the popularity of matchmaking networks has always been on the rise. These mail order bride sites provide a chance to the users to meet their ideal lady and marry them. How can you get these brides to your country though? There are a few laws and rules you’ll have to adhere to.

To protect the females from being misled and to eliminate the chances of them suffering, there is mail order brides legislation. Here are a few things you should know if you want to get your hot wife to your country.

The laws in place for mail order bride and international dating industry

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Some of the rules are mentioned below. These protect females from other nations who want to settle in the US.

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has provisions for those who want to enter the US as brides.
  • International Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) has rules for the males who want to marry these females.

These laws require men to provide proper proof and documentation. These are applicable only to those who resort to mail order bride services via a broker. Males have to provide personal information, financial details, number of previous wives, and criminal records. There are a few other specifics necessary as well.

The United States is a country that personifies as an example of a democratic society and does everything possible to ensure that its citizens have the opportunity to legally marry citizens of any country in the world. Therefore, it can be argued with full responsibility that in the United States, a mail-order bride is legal if the procedural rules of marriage are observed.

In the United States, there are legit foreign dating sites that provide online dating services in accordance with the laws of the country.

Why are there laws for mail order brides in the US?

First of all, these laws regulate the rules for the conclusion of marriage between US citizens and citizens of other countries. The main purpose of these laws is to protect the rights and constitutional freedoms of women in other countries who want to marry US citizens.

Besides, the laws are designed to prevent fictitious marriages for the purpose of obtaining US citizenship. These laws are consistent with the US government’s efforts to combat illegal migration.

Are dating sites regulated in the United States?

We can definitely say that the activities of online dating sites in the United States are regulated by special legal acts at the federal level. An example is the Internet Dating Safety Act, passed in 2007. Under this law, legitimate international dating sites operating in the United States are required to warn their users about the dangers of transferring personal information to third parties.

This allows resource users to make informed decisions when choosing an online dating service provider. In turn, the law obliges service providers to take legal responsibility for the security of their customers’ personal data.

The bill’s author and MP Linda Greenstein said: “People who use the Internet to build relationships deserve to be confident in their actions. This law is a necessary barrier to fraudsters.”

Are there countries where online dating services are prohibited?

At the moment, there are no countries in which the activities of online dating services are officially prohibited. But in several countries, there are significant restrictions in this area. The overwhelming majority of these countries profess Islam as the state religion, and this imposes certain restrictions on the operation of dating portals.

For example, in many Islamic countries, users are prohibited from publishing their photos, and the selection of pairs is carried out by so-called “intermediaries” who determine the options suitable for a particular user. Besides, user data is often inaccessible to other users and is used exclusively by the site administration. A feature of such portals, which operate with the official permission of the authorities, is the fact that they are run by priests who monitor the observance of Sharia law.

Nevertheless, the bulk of young people seeking communication through dating sites prefer to bypass official bans and actively use legal foreign dating sites that provide freedom of personal choice of a partner.

What does the mail order bride legislation provide?

These laws are in place for the protection of the females who want to enter the States. Even though some might suggest these rules are quite different and invasive, there is no other purpose for these laws other than the safety of the brides.

Irrespective of the laws in place, the process of getting citizenship for the US is the same for these mail order wives. The government carefully investigates the marriage and its validity. It’s always advisable to have an attorney to consult you throughout this process. After all, you wouldn’t want any issues to get your sexy bride to your homeland.

Follow the best practices to be on the safer side

It’s clear, the mail order bride industry won’t slow down any time soon. Thousands of men and women are resorting to matchmaking networks to find their partner. You can easily find your wife on a reliable website, but you should follow the rules. The mail order brides legislation is in place for the protection of these ladies. By following the rules, you can get your bride to your country quickly and in a seamless manner.

So, dream about a happy life with your wife and be sure to follow the laws.

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