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Mail Order Bride Statistic—Is Success Mail Order Marriage Real?

The booming popularity of international dating sites shows that people are using online dating very actively, especially for starting serious intentions. Let’s explore the current mail order bride statistic to learn how popular the modern foreign dating sites are, what are the success rates, and what the most popular countries for international dating are.

To understand modern mail order wife statistic rates, it’s important to know where it comes from. The majority of intercultural relationships started online as it’s one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use ways that are available to everyone.

In 2022, online dating is continuing to grow in popularity, as global figures have remained pretty consistent since 2017. As of 2020, 39% of the interviewed users say they’ve used an online dating site or app in the last month. That’s more than a third of the population which shows a break from traditional dating and preference towards niche services. Also, the popularization of easy-to-use overseas dating sites is changing the dating landscape among older users quicker than ever before.

What is the current mail order bride statistic?

With accessibility and a variety of top international dating sites, meeting a partner for a serious relationship is quicker, easier, and funnier. We can see that international relationships work from positive mail order women statistic. Only in the US, 16,849 new foreign fiancees came to the country in 2020. Also, 14,6% of arrived fiancees came with children, which indicates that there is a great success rate of international marriages whether a foreign mail order bride is initially single or divorced.

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You can see successful international marriage statistics in almost any country of the world, only in 2019, 35,881 new foreign fiancees came to the US. As intercultural relationships are normalized, people start to forget the stereotypes about it. Depending on personal preference, some Western men choose to date European mail order brides (about 19,2% of overall finances in 2019), others are more into Asian brides (about 42% in 2019) or Latin brides (9,3% of foreign fiancees in 2019). The definitive factors are:

  1. Beauty type
  2. Core values
  3. Language & culture
  4. Same relationship goals
  5. Mutual chemistry

Let’s explore what is the situation with success mail order marriage in the top countries for dating in the world in detail.

  • Russia. The country has always been one of the top dating destinations, as Western guys seem to be 100% sure they want to get hot Russian brides. According to visa statistics, 277 new fiancees came to the US in 2020, which is a big drop due to the pandemic. For comparison, in 2019, 815 fiancees arrived intending to marry a US citizen.
  • Ukraine. Another popular country on legitimate international dating sites that has one of the most gorgeous women. We can also see a decrease in numbers of new mail order brides in the country from 860 in 2019 to 357 in 2020.
  • The Philippines. Stunning Filipino brides are also very popular among Western men. Only in 2020, 3,069 new Filipino fiancees came to the US and in 2019 their number was 7,134.
  • Vietnam. Another popular country of the Asian region that is the home of desired Vietnamese mail order wives. 861 beautiful Vietnamese girls came to the US to marry their American fiances.
  • Colombia. A lot of Westerns choose to marry hot Latin women. In 2020, 470 American men were happy to bring their gorgeous Colombian wives home.
  • Brazil. Another Latin country that has beauties that steal the hearts of Western men. In 2020, 431 Brazilian brides were happy to marry in the US and start a family with a loving American guy. And in 2019, there were 1,065 new fiancees from Brazil in the US.

As you see, the interest of Western men seeking a potential bride and women that are interested in finding a suitable foreign husband is mutual, but due to the global pandemic, we can see big drops in the statistics. However, international relationships still result in many happy unions, which proves that love truly has no borders.

International dating: Top-5 celebrity couples

Not only ordinary people are using the best foreign dating sites to find partners for life, popular actors, singers, and social media influencers do too. Enjoy 5 international celebrity couples that also met online, and now are currently happily married.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

Apparently, the cutest of the Jonas Brothers is well aware of the power of online dating to kick-start relationships, as that is the way this American singer and Indian actress have met. They’ve been happily married since December 2018.

Ryan Lochte & Kayla Rae Reid

This international couple on our list has met through one of the popular dating apps in the US. Ryan Lochte is half Cuban and half European, while Kayla Rae Reid is American. The Olympic swimmer won the heart of his future wife online and they already have two children together.

Joshua Jackson & Jodie Turner-Smith

Online dating also helped to create this international celebrity couple. In late 2019, Canadian-American actor Joshua Jackson and British-Jamaican model Jodie Turner-Smith quickly hit it off. These two got married and celebrated the birth of their first daughter in 2020.

Jamie Chung & Bryan Greenberg

This happy Korean-American-Jewish couple is another proof that American guys love stunning Asian beauties. Jamie Chung is a popular actress and a second-generation Korean-American, while Bryan Greenberg is a Jewish-American actor and singer. They’ve met online in early 2012 and started to date, and in October 2015, and has been happily married since then.

Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams, an American professional tennis player, and Alexis Ohanian is a German-American internet entrepreneur. This gorgeous interracial couple has also met online and their love escalated quickly. They have already been married for five years and now have a beautiful daughter.

The landscape of modern dating has long been affected by technology and it made it different. In some ways easier, in some harder. But those who are not afraid to harness the new way to date can get happy successful relationships.

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What hardships can you face during mail-order bride marriage?

International relationships are a great way to find a suitable partner that can really become ‘the one’. But, they require some effort, just like any relationship, especially considering that both in the couple were born in different countries and have got different cultural education. Here are the main hardships that international couples can experience during relationship and marriage:

  1. Language barrier. The main thing is sometimes people fail to understand each other when they speak the same language. So, if you are in an international relationship make sure to discuss your feelings and decisions a bit more than you got used to in the previous relationships for not to make tiny misunderstandings into bigger problems.
  2. Cultural differences. You can feel that during the holidays and events that are new to you and your culture. Someone doesn’t want to celebrate some important days for their spouse, and that’s okay, but it still can turn into bitterness, if that nonwillingness is expressed in an overly rough way. Remember: tolerance and politeness runs both ways and works perfectly in any situation.
  3. Family dynamic. In some countries, like Russia or Ukraine men are expected to be the leaders of the family (yet this tendency is changing) and the ones who develop the relationship, but in Sweden, for example, wives are more into equal partner roles. Discuss and explore each other’s traditional family dynamics and roles to create your own that is comfortable for everyone.

However, regardless of the bumps on your love road, marriage with a foreign mail-order bride is a great way to get rid of loneliness.

The bottom line

As our life is already digitalized to some degree, both younger and older users are getting more socially active and interested in looking for a potential partner online. Great marriage statistics show that love can happen even in an online medium, so just try to be open to it. Don’t be afraid to start a new chapter of your life and meet a beautiful foreign mail-order bride you always dreamed of.


What are the most in-demand brides for international marriages?

The statistics change year to year, but in 2020 the biggest number of brides came from Asia.

What is the best country to find a mail order wife?

No country is the best, as everything depends on what type of beauty and traditional trairs you consider important.

What is the divorce rate of mail order bride marriages?

The divorce rate for mail-order bride marriages is about 20% , which is half less than traditional ones.

How to find the right site to find a real mail order bride?

Make sure that the site is secured and can connect you with mail order brides by reading reviews and professional recommendations.

Is it safe to marry a woman from abroad?

It is safe if you choose a trustworthy website and read it’s guidelines to make the experience trouble-free.

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