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Explore Interesting Facts About Mail Order Bride And International Dating History

In the 1600s, there were men looking for hot foreign brides to marry. These males used to travel to other countries for love, gold, and other purposes. Meanwhile, the mail order and international dating industry started off with men who used to travel, it has now changed to women moving for love.

Females are involved in the mail order bride industry in search of life partners and a stable lifestyle. There are now sexy brides who are in search of reliable men who can provide them financial stability. The matchmaking industry is growing at a rapid pace, and there are user-friendly features being introduced for the benefit of the members. So, explore how this and international dating concept started and expanded.

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How the modern online dating industry developed

The history of the development of the dating services industry is quite ancient, even Herodotus mentioned special auctions for brides, where rich grooms paid for beautiful brides to a fund of a special agency, and for the poor and ugly, this agency paid extra to poor grooms. A lot of time has passed since then, but the principles of organizing dating services have transformed into the modern online dating industry.

First steps

It all started with modern-day primitive advertisements in local tabloids in which single men and women offered themselves as life partners.

The development of the postal service and the newspaper industry marked the beginning of active communication between single people within the country, which in turn led to the emergence of marriage bureaus. That is, the eternal law of capitalism has worked: demand gives rise to supply. Further development of communication media such as telegraph and radio has significantly accelerated the integration of the dating industry into society and brought it to the international level.

For example, one of the striking examples of a marriage agency operating in the Wild West is the marriage office in the story “The Exact Science of Matrimony” by the famous American writer O. Henry, published in 1908. This fact suggests that already at the beginning of the 20th century, marriage agencies were widespread in The United States, and the services of marriage bureaus were actively used by single Americans.

The first official marriage agency was registered in London on September 29, 1650. A certain Henry Robinson opened the “Bureau of Meetings and Addresses” (in other sources they call the “Bureau of Courts and Meetings”)

The first mail order brides

As men were unable to find women to marry, they started advertising in Britain for ladies. These females also wanted to settle in the new world and try out different things. These girls were looking for young and mature males who could provide them whatever they needed.

Between 1619 and 1621, there were more than 150 females who answered these advertisements. They wanted to shift to newer places in search of better challenges and comfort. This number increased to around 800 in 1663 to 1673. These ladies crossed the Atlantic Ocean to become brides to farmers and other Americans.

Technological progress in the service of marriage agencies

Originally, the database of clients in marriage agencies was kept in the form of a descriptive paper file. With the development of photography, the portfolio of clients began to be actively completed. It is believed that the first electronic databases with questionnaires of those who wanted to find a partner appeared in the 60s of the twentieth century but did not receive wide development. In the 80s, the first video libraries of databases appeared, now it was possible to view the recorded short video. This allowed the dating industry to reach a new level of popularity.

The development of mobile communications has also influenced the further development of technology in the dating industry. Clients were communicating by sending short SMS to the server. At the same time, personal numbers were not disclosed for security reasons.

And finally, the 90s brought the mass Internet to the world, and with it the modern online dating system that we can see now. The first dating site appeared in 1995 and was called But online dating really became popular in the 00s of the 20th century. This time can be considered the heyday of the online dating industry.

How did these males find their partners?

They started getting in touch with people they knew and also put out adverts for single women for marriage. A lot of ladies replied to these advertisements. Even these hotties wanted to get away from their families and live a better life. In fact, there wasn’t any shortage in the number of ladies who were interested in this process. This is how the international dating concept started, and marriages in the Old West took place.


So, starting with a few dozen people involved in dating in the 17th century, the audience of the online dating industry has grown in the 21st century and has hundreds of millions of users from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of couples found each other and started families. Millions of people of different social strata got to know each other, blurring the boundaries between countries and worldviews.

The popularity of online dating is because they break down social barriers and allow people to get to know each other outside the boundaries of their social environment and place of residence. It is safe to say that Internet dating technologies create new social connections that, in principle, could not have arisen without the Internet.

The mail order bride history dates back to the 1600s. There are millions involved in this industry, and it’s clear as to why it’s gaining so much popularity. You, too, can find your hot and sexy bride on one of these platforms.

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