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Russian mail order BridesOur review contains the recommendations list of websites that are working if you are attempting to meet the Russian and build the relationships with her. If you need some professional assistance, rely on 2brides.info as your best friend!

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Many men see Russian women as the best brides to get married to. This tendency has a lot of reasons. First of all, these girls attract men by their appearance and physique. Secondly, they’re hard-working and a man knows that if he marries a Russian lady, she won’t be lying around all day waiting for him to come back from work. She’ll either be a great housewife and a mother or help him to earn money. Another possible option – she’ll manage to keep a life-work balance. All in all, marrying a girl like this will always be the right decision. How do you do that? Let’s find out.

What kind of men do real Russian brides seek?

To date and marry a woman from another country, it is always useful to know what she expects from a relationship with a foreigner. So, we decided to offer you this section, where we can tell you what a typical Russian bride for marriage expects from dating an American guy!

A man has to be honest, responsible, and confident

A real man for a Russian bride is a guy who knows what he wants and is doing. It is a man who can take responsibility for being the head of the family and provide both financially and emotionally. It is a man who values honesty and loyalty in serious relationships. Some may say that Russian brides are very demanding. But just imagine how wonderful dating a girl from this country can be!

Russian brides expect a man with money

Although girls from this country are not gold-diggers, a man from the United States is a man with money. This can be explained by the fact that an average person in Russia makes about $700 monthly. So a man who makes 5-10 times more is an incredibly successful man!

Girls from Russia seek serious and family-oriented man

A Russian mail order bride is a woman who has serious intentions. To buy a Russian wife, you need to be committed to your future relationships. Real Russian brides won’t agree to have long-term relationships without commitment, so if you seek something casual, finding a Russian bride may not be for you!

Why do men want to meet a Russian mail order bride?

Mail order brides live all over the world. All of them have their own peculiarities and appealing characteristics. What is so special about Russian women? Here’re a few answers.

They aren’t white hands

Russian brides live in a county where prosperity and welfare have to be fought for. Hard work, ingenuity and constant effort are required to succeed and live a comparatively good life. But it still won’t be as good as Europeans and Americans have because the economical situation is much worse. Women manage work and household duties very well. But they don’t complain. Moreover, a lot of them like to make careers and to have an opportunity to grow and try themselves at various things.

They’re faithful

If you marry a Russian bride, she’ll never let you down or change her mind about a man she’s chosen. As the statistics say, the percentage of women who cheat is very low in Russia. The moment they start to date a guy, they realize they belong only to him. Another thing is Russian men are notorious cheaters. That’s, in fact, one of the reasons girls go online to look for a foreigner to marry. They want a loyal partner who won’t give up on them no matter what.

They look sexy

Russian brides radiate a unique and very special form of sexiness you won’t feel with any other lady. For example, Latin girls are also very hot, but it’s completely different. Women from Russia don’t demonstrate it so openly. Seems like they look decent and daring at the same time. In public, they aren’t shy or reserved, or vice versa, passionate and affectionate. They’re something in the middle. It works as a hook to men. They want to solve a puzzle.

Stereotypes about Russian girls

  1. They are gold diggers. Due to the very unstable and poor economic situation in Russia, girls want to find a man who’ll help them to start a better life, full of opportunities. As a result, they choose financially successful men as husbands. But that isn’t the only criteria women have while looking for a man. In the first place they need love and support.
  2. They don’t know English. Slavonian girls are often considered as bad English speakers. For example, Ukrainian brides suffer from this stereotype too. But don’t be confused by these rumours. Many of them are fluent speakers. Some girls know basic English but it’s enough to start communication. There’re many possibilities to learn languages today.

How much does it cost to find a Russian bride?

The question of cost is one of the most common, and it is quite understandable. But it is difficult to say how much money you would need exactly. Everything depends on what site you select, how much you can spend, and what kind of relationships you seek. Still, here are average Russian brides cost!

First of all, online dating is more affordable than real-life dating. Usually, there are two types of dating sites — membership-based and credit-based. Both types are equally popular, common, and effective. Both types have their benefits and implications.

Let’s start with a premium-based dating website. How to order a Russian mail order bride on such a site? You need to purchase a premium account and become a premium member. A whole month of membership on a dating platform can cost you about $10-$50. Such membership offers you all or almost all options and features. Sometimes, there are several levels of memberships: Silver, Gold, Platinum. Membership-based sites are great as they allow you to make a single payment and enjoy online dating.

Credit-based platforms, on the other hand, have become popular rather recently. The approach here is completely different — you are given control over your spending. Instead of buying access to everything, you can buy several minutes of video chat, a few gifts, and some other features. You buy credits and then spend them on things you need. Usually, websites with such an approach are more expensive as you can spend as much as you want. In general, 1 month of online communication can cost about $50-$200 depending on the selected site, your goals, preferences, and budget

How to order a Russian mail order bride?

The process of finding real Russian brides is relatively simple. You don’t need to remember anything complex and just follow this guide:

  • Find a proper online dating platform. Your dating site should be respectable, effective, and popular.
  • Create an account. Usually, the registration process is very straightforward and easy to understand. After that, you will need to fill out your profile — include interesting facts and information about yourself.
  • Find brides. Whether you will find them manually, with the help of matchmaking, or through the searching tools, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the results — you have to find plenty of beautiful Russian brides.
  • Send a message to girls you find interesting. What makes online dating so great is that you don’t need to date just one girl at a time. You can chat with several dates at the same time!
  • Ask your woman to have a real-life date with you. If you have serious intentions to marry your girl or just want to have an in-person date with her, it is an obvious step in your relationships
  • Ask your girl to marry you. After you have a few real-life dates, you can ask your girl to marry you. Of course, you can do it without seeing her in real life, but we highly advise not to avoid that step!

Recommendations on dating a bride from Russia

Sexy Russian Girls

Meeting a Russian bride online isn’t a problem today . What is much more important – making her fall in love with you. The dating period is the start of your relationship. Don’t lose your chance to marry the best wife. Follow the next tips, and you will understand how to find a Russian bride easily.

  • Demonstrate your interest more. Ask her questions about how she’s doing. Remember important dates or other things that matter to her and talk about them. Become a part of her life by talking to her not only when you want it, but when she needs it too.
  • Don’t forget to be romantic. Mail order Russian bride is a woman who loves attentive and romantic men. You don’t need to invent some crazy compliments — as long as you believe in what you say, you can surprise your girl!
  • Give her presents.It is important to show that you are a generous and attentive guy. Send them if you’re still dating online and live in different countries. Or buy something and present it when you meet. It shouldn’t necessarily be something expensive. Small cute gifts always work. They show care and attention.
  • Always remind her how beautiful she is. Russian men aren’t that generous when it comes to giving compliments.But Russian mail orders are always trying hard to always look pretty. Unlike their European counterpart, they always mind how they look, wear nice natural makeup, and dress nicely.
  • Meet her personally more. If you come from different places, ask her out more. Arrange trips and invite her to your country. Or pack your things and go on a trip to hers. It’s always exciting and adventurous. It brings positive emotions. It’ll make you closer and take your relationship to a brand-new level.


Are Russian mail order brides legal?

Of course, you can’t legally “order” a bride or “buy” her. Online dating relationships are based on the same principles and values as any other human affairs. Regard it as if you date a girl from another country or city. It doesn’t matter where and how you’ve met. But if you decide to get married, it’s important to do all the paperwork correctly in accordance with the law of a country you’re going to live in.

Where can I find a Russian wife?

There’re hundreds of dating portals on the web today. Google them, read the reviews and comments, compare prices or look for a free site. Do small research. Believe it, it isn’t a problem to find a bride online at all.

Do Russian women make good wives?

Russian women are truly believed to be one of the best spouses. They’re loyal and understand men, can support and take care. They’re excellent cooks and perfect housewives. They know how to bring up children and make a home warm and cozy. Do you still hesitate?

The bottom line

Men desire Russian brides. Now you see yourself why. These women are talented, beautiful, intelligent and diligent. They’re great to talk to and to share what’s on your mind and your heart. They’ll always understand, help and will never judge. If you want to marry a perfect girl, choose a Russian beauty. She’ll make your life full of happiness and warmth.

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