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Average Price Of Mail Order Bride: Best Deals And Ways To Save

Want to look for a spouse online? It’s only natural to wonder what a mail order bride price is then. Having an estimate can help you avoid unexpected expenses or extra spendings. We gathered the average price of mail order bride in the top 5 destinations popular among Western men. Also, get some life hacks on how to spot the best deal for the price for a mail order bride and get great value for the buck.

What makes a mail order bride price?

Firstly it’s important to make it clear that even though the process is usually referred to as buying a bride, you don’t actually pay for a foreign wife. Commonly, people understand the concept of mail bride order price as the money you spend on a foreign girlfriend before marriage. Let’s see what makes a real price of a mail order bride.

Dating site’s price for mail order bride

If you choose to search for a match online, your first expense will be the subscription fee. You can join a free, partly free, or fully paid dating website. And your choice will influence how cheap your mail to order bride price will be. It’s a good idea to join partly free websites, as you can join for free and then invest some money if you like these platforms. More excitingly, they are generally more secure and fun-to-use.

Depending on the particular website you choose, the mail order bride price range may vary. Here is a typical cost of services on a popular Slavic dating site Jolly Romance:

  • Correspondence—10 to 30 credits per letter.
  • Mail photos—you can send photos in mails free of charge.
  • ‘Let’s Talk’ (templates of messages to start a conversation)—2 credits per minute.
  • Chat—also 2 credits per minute.
  • Watching profile videos—25 credits.
  • Making a request for a meeting—625 credits.
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Currently the price for credits starts at $2.99 for 20 credits. The mail order brides cost for using services on-site is average and can give you a general idea of potential spending.

Other components of mail order bride cost

Another big part of the average price for a mail order bride is traveling expenses. When your relationship gets more serious, you’ll be expected to visit your beautiful foreign bride in her hometown. Here are the main travel expenses that you are going to have:

  1. Round trip ticket
  2. Hotel or hostel expenses for the entire time you are in the country
  3. Groceries and eating out
  4. In-country transportation
  5. Entertainment for both of you, as men usually cover date’s expenses

Note that numbers are different for each country and there is no average cost of mail order bride globally. Also, the final sum can vary a lot depending on your personal traveling habits, the budget you have for entertainment, and the food you prefer.

Average price of mail order bride for top-5 countries

Even if there is no one sum that fits all, but we can still make an estimate for a particular country. So, if you are wondering what is the price of a mail order bride in the countries that are most loved by Western men, here is how much people spend on a two-week trip:


  1. Plane tickets (New York–Moscow)—$700
  2. Accommodation—$364
  3. Food—$154
  4. Transportation—$43
  5. Entertainment—$364

So, the average price of a mail order bride in Russia is approximately $1,625 and additional dating site spendings.


  1. Plane tickets (New York–Bogota)—$209
  2. Accommodation—$168
  3. Food—$131
  4. Transportation—$91
  5. Entertainment—$168

An average mail order brides pricing in Colombia is around $767 plus dating site expenses.


  1. Plane tickets (New York–Rio de Janeiro)—$439
  2. Accommodation—$462
  3. Food—$224
  4. Transportation—$138
  5. Entertainment—$168

Your traveling expenses to Brazil on average will be around $1,431.


  1. Plane tickets (New York–Hanoi)—$868
  2. Accommodation—$322
  3. Food—$168
  4. Transportation—$154
  5. Entertainment—$168

Visiting your Vietnamese beauty will be approximately $1,680.


  1. Plane tickets (New York–Phuket)—$643
  2. Accommodation—$448
  3. Food—$210
  4. Transportation—$168
  5. Entertainment—$238

So, your Thai wife’s “cost” will be $1,707 plus dating site fees.

 A Mail Order Bride

That’s only traveling expenses, don’t forget to add dating services. Compared to how much guys usually spend on dates locally, the sum is almost the same. If you feel like it’s a bit too much for your budget, or you just want to get the best mail order bride cost, check out some effective tips on getting a wife for cheap.

How to get the best price for mail order bride?

As a lot depends on your personal decisions, we gathered some tips on how to make the right ones:

  • Pick a dating website very carefully. Read reviews and user feedback of the site you are interested in joining.
  • See if services cover your needs. See if expenses on the site are suitable for your budget too.
  • Benefit from promotions. A lot of dating sites offer free trial periods or some freebies for newly registered users or give extra services if you share or make a subscription.
  • Stay tuned for seasonal discounts. The majority dating sites offer some sort of seasonal discounts or sales.

Follow all the tips to get the lowest prices of mail order brides and find the love of your life without breaking the bank. Or you can just use the one or few you like the most as they will also help you to get the best value.

What common mistakes to avoid looking for cheap mail order brides?

Mistakes while dating online often means spending more than you could. Explore the most common ones to avoid making them and to have the best experience looking for your gorgeous foreign wife.

  1. Joining the first site you see online. Don’t join the site without knowing anything about it. First, you need to decide what type of women you like or maybe you adore women from a particular country. Only then you should pick a site that can connect you with ladies of your type.
  2. Spending all freebies right away. As we already mentioned, some dating sites offer free messages or credits that all users spend in a few first minutes. A better strategy is to explore the free services first and find a girl you like and then spend your free communication with her.
  3. Communication with many women at the same time. Falling for all of them is quite easy, as usually there are a lot of hotties. But your final sum can be way above the average price for mail order bride if you start new chats every day.
  4. Not exploring discounts, promo packages the site offers. Wasting the free benefits that sites offer is almost a crime, as it can save you big time.
  5. Not using long-term benefits. If the dating site offers discounts for longer memberships or bigger credit packs it’s always cheaper. Sticking to constantly replenishing your account will quickly get annoying and also make you pay more than you could.

Avoid common mistakes and get the best value for the money you spend.

The bottom line

Knowing what makes the price of gorgeous foreign brides is a real treasure. You can plan and budget beforehand and also avoid paying more where you shouldn’t. Even if you can afford everything it’s always a good idea to get the best deal you can.


Is it safe to use free dating websites?

Everything depends on a particular site, but generally, scam rates on free sites are much higher.

Can I get a bride with $1,000?

Yes, you can, although it can be a challenge. Just pick a site in your price range and use our tips to get the best value for the buck.

Do dating sites have obligatory fees?

Some sites have subscriptions, which are obligatory payments each month.

Do girls pay for using dating websites?

On some dating sites, women pay just like men, but on marriage sites, women usually use the platform free of charge.

What country offers the cheapest dating?

Dating in almost any country can be cheap if you pick a site with suitable pricing and plan your travel expenses. Latin countries have cheaper flights, but living expenses are lower in Eastern Europe.

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