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How Popular Is Serious International Online Dating?

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Is this type of matchmaking going to become everyone’s preferred dating solution? What are the various things about mail order brides you should be aware of? With the increase in the number of platforms providing these services, it makes sense to find out all about it. Mail order bride dating has millions of people from around the globe who are seeking their ideal match.

More than 30% of all American adults claim that they have used an online dating site or app. Impressive, isn’t it? Indeed, online dating and international romantic communication have become an essential part of modern life. Millions of people across the globe are looking for love and happiness online. More and more people now use online international dating with serious intentions — more than 12% of users claim they have married or been in a committed relationship with someone they first met through an online dating website.

There are various services provided by these sites, and the results are exceptional. So, let’s explore some interesting mail order bride statistics to provide you a clearer understanding of this massive industry.

What are the most popular regions for online dating?

Even though online international dating is globally popular, there are several regions in the world that have the most mail order brides and girlfriends. Let’s take a look at the most popular places where you can find a partner for life!


Asian countries are among the most common when it comes to online international dating. Millions of mail order brides and women for dating come from Asian region. American men are in love with girls from China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries. Here is what statistics tells us about brides from Asia:

  • Philippines: 3,069 brides in 2020
  • Vietnam: 861 brides in 2020
  • Thailand: 343 brides in 2020
  • China: 284 brides in 2020
  • Japan: 195 brides in 2020

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is known for its Slavic mail order brides and dates! It is a land of beautiful, loyal, and interesting brides!

  • Ukraine: 357 brides in 2020
  • Russia: 277 brides in 2020

Latin America

Passionate, hot, and emotional, Latin brides can make any guy feel like a real man! Here is how popular online dating in this region is:

  • Colombia: 470 brides in 2020
  • Brazil: 431 brides in 2020
  • Peru: 166 brides in 2020

Therefore, you can see that online dating and mail order bride services are highly popular and common across the world! You can find plenty of wonderful and beautiful girls from different countries — you just need to start looking. It is easy to chat with a foreign date!

Facts about mail order brides And International relationships

beautiful Mail order brides

You’ll be surprised to know, there are approximately 100,000 to 150,000 females from across the globe who register on these mail order bride and  international dating networks to find their Western husband. Here are a few more things to know about this dating industry.

Number of matches and marriages in US

The exciting part is that there are around 10,000 marriages annually in The States because of mail order brides. On average, every year, there are around 40,000 people in the US who meet women from different regions to start a family. Also, these mail order bride statistics are increasing at a rapid pace. Even though the decision is all yours, there are plenty of Western males opting for these gorgeous ladies.

Simplicity of the mail order bride process

With the advancement in technology and everything shifting to a digital medium, even this industry has seen massive growth in recent years. The sites are coming up with better and more accurate algorithms, which yields great results. There are convenient services as well, which makes communicating with these hotties simple. You can match with the girl of your fantasies, and you won’t even feel the distance.

Age group of people involved

The majority of the males looking for mail order brides are over the age of 35. These are men who are financially stable and can provide a better lifestyle to the females. The ladies involved in mail order bride industry are around 21-30. At least 65 percent of the women are between this age group.

Education on mail order brides and dates

Surprisingly, there’s a course as well offered by Johns Hopkins University. This is the “Mail Order Brides” course in the Philippines, which provides a deeper understanding of the topic and industry.

Final verdict

This particular industry is growing at a rapid rate and all these mail order bride statistics are a clear proof of the same. Men are looking for sexy chicks to marry while these ladies need some reliable who can provide them financial stability and much more.

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